Customer Payment Processing Fee Changes

To our Hey You customers,

When we started Hey You (formerly Beat The Q) nearly 6 years ago, we had no idea just how popular the service would become. Yet here we are celebrating taking nearly 9 million orders with a service many of our customers tell us has made their life better by removing the hassles of waiting for orders and payments.

As Hey You continues to grow, we’re working hard behind the scenes to invest in building apps and systems that provide a better way to order and pay, while also bringing more cafes and food venues onboard.

We want to inform you of upcoming changes to our pricing.Some time ago, we implemented Payment Processing Fees to help us cope with the cost of certain payment methods. Hey You will be removing current Payment Processing fees for AMEX and Paypal paid orders. We will be introducing a Service Fee on all orders when the Pay As You Go Payment Method is selected. The Service Fee does not apply to orders when the Top Up Payment Method is selected or paid with vouchers. This Service Fee helps us run our platform and provide related services.

To change payment methods select Payments from the menu in the Hey you App, there you can select Pay As You Go or Top Up as your Payment Method.

Thanks again for being part of the Hey You community, cheers!

The Hey You Team

Getting Behind the Pay It Forward Movement

It’s an awesome feeling when you make someone’s day. It’s even better when you can do something nice for the people that already perform acts of kindness every day – charity workers.

We’ve teamed up with the crew at amaysim to do something special for Pay It Forward Day. There are thousands and thousands of Aussies who give up their time to work and volunteer at charities across the country. So this year, we’re enabling Hey You and amaysim users to shout a coffee for one of these amazing charity workers!

The genesis of the Pay It Forward movement is the idea of doing a random act of kindness that inspires another and multiplies into many more. When we met up with fellow tech innovator, amaysim, we knew there had to be something cool and innovative that we could do together for Pay It Forward Day to inspire this chain of kindness.

We’re both mobile ­led businesses that share the same goal of making life simpler for our users. It just made sense for us to give people an easier way of paying it forward, and what better way than with coffee?!

We’re hoping to see thousands of Hey You users give a coffee to a charity worker through this Pay It Forward campaign.

Here’s how our Pay It Forward campaign works:

●  Get the Hey You app

●  Search for ‘Pay It Forward’

●  Purchase a coffee from the Pay It Forward store. You can even add a note to the coffee if you like!

On the afternoon of the 28th we’re heading to charities in Sydney and Melbourne with our very own baristas! We’ll be making lattes, flat whites, long blacks ­ whatever the charity workers want! If you’ve left a note of thanks, we’ll write your note on their coffee cup too.

What is Pay It Forward Day?

Pay It Forward Day is about all people, from all walks of life giving to someone else to make a positive difference.

It’s been running since 2007 and at last count there were more than five million people in nearly 80 countries around the world participating in the day.

How will the money be used for Pay It Forward?

The money raised from the coffee donations will go towards funding coffee trucks, which will visit a handful of charities in Sydney and Melbourne on Pay It Forward Day. Any funds remaining will be donated evenly among the charities. The charities include:



Who is amaysim?

amaysim is a leading Australian mobile service provider with a business model built on innovative technology. We have a special relationship with the team at amaysim because they’re some of the top users on the Hey You network.

amaysim is powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network. They offer simplicity and choice courtesy of month­to­month, bring your own handset mobile plans. amaysim’s DIY account management is backed by award­winning, online­driven customer support featuring Live Chat, email and social media customer service. amaysim’s SIM packs are available online at and from over 12,000 retail outlets.

How will amaysim Pay It Forward?

The first 2,000 to donate a coffee aka a “cup of kindness” will score $5 amaysim credit. For those already with amaysim, you’ll score $5 off your next bill. For everyone else, you’ll get $5 off any of their UNLIMITED plans. If you make a donation, keep an eye out for any emails from us and amaysim with the relevant promo codes on Friday, 29 April 2016.

*Note: donations are not charity tax deductible.