To our Hey You customers,

When we started Hey You (formerly Beat The Q) nearly 6 years ago, we had no idea just how popular the service would become. Yet here we are celebrating taking nearly 9 million orders with a service many of our customers tell us has made their life better by removing the hassles of waiting for orders and payments.

As Hey You continues to grow, we’re working hard behind the scenes to invest in building apps and systems that provide a better way to order and pay, while also bringing more cafes and food venues onboard.

We want to inform you of upcoming changes to our pricing.Some time ago, we implemented Payment Processing Fees to help us cope with the cost of certain payment methods. Hey You will be removing current Payment Processing fees for AMEX and Paypal paid orders. We will be introducing a Service Fee on all orders when the Pay As You Go Payment Method is selected. The Service Fee does not apply to orders when the Top Up Payment Method is selected or paid with vouchers. This Service Fee helps us run our platform and provide related services.

To change payment methods select Payments from the menu in the Hey you App, there you can select Pay As You Go or Top Up as your Payment Method.

Thanks again for being part of the Hey You community, cheers!

The Hey You Team

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