Last year we re-branded. New colours, a new logo and a new name. During the re-brand we also made a fairly big change internally. We created a list of company values. The whole team created this list together. These values shape everything we do.

It’s not uncommon to see Company Values. Many list them on websites, marketing collateral and social media. It’s one thing to list them, and quite another to live by them.

One of our values is: We embrace radical transparency.

Over the past few weeks we’ve faced some pretty major technical challenges. Some have been out of our control, while others have been completely within our control. Our dev team currently has the challenge of upgrading our entire system. This is an important job, but with years of technical debt, it is also a challenging job. Whilst completing some upgrades a couple of weeks ago we caused system outages, which affected many venues and customers.

A number of you would’ve also experienced problems associated with the Telstra outages. Whilst we were unable to control that one, it was frustrating for people who were trying (unsuccessfully) to order ahead.

When these outages occur, our support team is bombarded with emails, calls, tweets and Facebook messages. We know this is a positive sign because it’s people that love using Hey You and are frustrated about going back to the old way of lining up to order.

This week we’re launching the Hey You Status Page. In the spirit of being radically transparent, we decided to give you guys full visibility over how our app is working. The page monitors performance of merchant order acceptance, the customer app and our website. 

We expect that most of the time there will be no need to visit the page (because we have an amazing dev team that not only keeps our system working, but is also constantly making improvements!)

BUT, on the occasions when you experience technical issues you can visit this page to get an update on the problem. You can also subscribe to the feed so that you’ll know when the problem’s fixed in real-time.

Fingers crossed you won’t need to use this page anytime soon!

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