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Last night the entire Hey You team was glued to the TV, but not for the reason you might think! We were watching the total orders for the day. Why? Because this was shaping up to become a record day for us. Until yesterday, the maximum number of orders ever reached in one single day was 10,907

At 8:07 pm two pizzas rolled through. Thanks to Julia in Canberra, we’d reached 10,994 orders. The team, ever hopeful of reaching an even 11,000, remained glued.

By 8:27 pm an order of fish and chips from the Green Room in the Opera House pushed us a little closer to the goal. We were now at 10,998.

This was exciting but also difficult. What if we didn’t make it?

Finally,  at 9:15 pm (on the dot) it was a Huxtaburger with crinkled fries that took us across the line. John had ordered from Melbourne’s renowned burger store in Prahran. Thanks John!

The total number of orders for yesterday actually exceeded 11,000, with a few more hungry Hey You users yet to place orders for dumplings and burgers. Our team has been working towards the goal of 11,000 ever since we reached a record ‘10,000 order day’ back in December.

The whole team has celebrated today, and we’ll continue to celebrate tonight. From engineers and sales people, through to marketing and support, this was a big win for us. Yesterday an early riser placed the first order at 5:48 am and our last order came through at 9:35 pm. That means that an order was placed every 5 seconds.

Thank you to all our users who placed an order yesterday, the day before, the week and even the year before that. You’ve all helped us to reach this massive milestone!

Now we’ll start working towards a 12,000 order day.

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